Child Support in Ohio

The main process the court uses in determining child support is the child support worksheet calculation. This worksheet formula is required by the Ohio Revised Code and is too detailed for inclusion in this book. However, any family law attorney who you consult with can perform a worksheet calculation for you or, if you prefer, you can find several websites online that will calculate child support for you. If you want to obtain an estimate of your child support on the internet, just make sure that you use an Ohio child support guideline worksheet as they tend to differ from state to state. In dealing with your attorney in calculating child support, make sure that he or she is aware of all expenses you pay for child care and health insurance coverage for your child(ren).

Once the court performs a child support worksheet calculation, the worksheet amount is presumed by law to be the appropriate amount of child support in the case. However, the Court may increase or decrease the child support amount if appropriate. This is called a “deviation” in child support, and can only be granted after consideration by the court of several statutory factors specifically set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.
Once child support is established, the court will allocate responsibility between the parties for maintaining health insurance coverage and payment of uncovered medical expenses.