What do we mean by "private" adoptions?

Private adoptions are usually arranged by an adoption attorney or private organization. The attorney meets with the birth parent to determine how best to achieve the birth parent's goals in terms of how the adoption is handled, the type of adoptive family the birth parent would prefer, and the timeline. The attorney's fee is usually covered by the adoptive family during the finalization of the adoption.Information concerning prospective adoptive families is then gathered for the birth parent to consider. The information includes "life books" which the adoptive families put together to give birth parents an idea of what life would be like for the child with that family. They also often complete detailed information questionnaires and have to have a home study completed by a social worker to make sure the adoptive parents are suitable.After reviewing the materials provided by the prospective adoptive families, the birth parents choose the family who may adopt the child with the assistance of the birth parents' attorney. The choice made by the birth parents in a private adoption is not finalized until approved by the probate court; however, unlike a public adoption, the adoptive family may not be chosen by the court without the consent of the birth parents.