Special recognition for Step-parents in Ohio Adoption Law

Ohio law provides for a faster, often smoother, proocess for adoption of a child by a step-parent, grandparent, court appointed guardian, or legal custodian of a child. The step-parent must have been married to one of the child's parents for at least one year and they must have either the consent of the child's other parent or a failure of the other parent to contact the child or pay court ordered child support during the year before the adoption petition is filed. However, there is no need for an additional "placement" of the child by an agency for the child to be adopted by the step-parent.

At Kokensparger & Ryan, both Steve Kokensparger and Corinne Ryan have years of experience in shepparding step-parent adoptions through the probate court system. If you are considering a step-parent adoption, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this joyous decision with you.